Interview: 5 minutes with...Shelley Davenport, 1st AD, Not Waving Short Film

So...I’m sort of breaking the convention I’ve just established. This is really a ’10 Minutes with…” as the subject of my interview is actually going to be involved in filming of both Not Waving and Lawnmower, but in entirely different roles. But I’ll publish the interviews separately to stay true to my self-enforced rules as ta-dah they become 2 x '5 minute with...'

Today I’m having a chat over the phone with Shelley Davenport, Actor, Writer and for Not Waving, 1st AD. I asked Shelley to work with me on this as I will also be acting in the short I need an extra pair of eyes, it’s very difficult to be both in front of the camera and behind it at the same time. Plus I’ve seen the work that Shelley herself has directed, so I know my vision is in a very safe pair of hands!

Kate Sawyer: Thanks for chatting to me Shelley. Tell us a bit about yourself…

Shelley Davenport: I’m Shelley Davenport. Actor and Writer, and for Not Waving I'm AD-ing.

KS: Where are you taking this call?

SD: In my flat in Catford

KS: Oh good, inside! It’s raining cats and dogs. Hopefully we’ll have better weather for filming on the beach! When were you last at the seaside?

SD: A couple of weekends ago as we're considering moving down there.

KS: Nice. It is definitely a lure to escape to the city to a place with fresher air and sea views! Do you have a favourite beach?

SD: I've always loved Brighton Beach - my brother went to Uni there so I had many happy trips visiting him and then carried on going ever since. Staring at the sea makes me feel small in a way that is really helpful for my brain - good to consider the infinite and stop worrying about daft stuff.

KS: Yes- apparently looking at a clear horizon, like the sea against the sky releases endorphins. One of quite a few reasons a trip to the seaside can be rather good for robust mental health! Do you have any favourite memories that involve the seaside?

SD: Brighton April 2015 - we went there for two nights after our wedding and were just giddy and happy.

KS: I can’t imagine there was much swimming in the sea involved in your honeymoon at that location or time of year! Are you a swimmer though?

SD: Yes. I learnt (badly) in school lessons at Pitville Pool in Cheltenham but I got to learn to actually swim properly (and not hate it) when my family moved to Bahrain in the Middle East when I was 7. Much more fun swimming in the sun it turns out!

KS: So you’ve not had any mishaps? Any near misses when it comes to swimming in water?

SD: No - although I did dislocate my finger jumping into a rubber ring but that was more daft than dramatic and I’ve ever seen anyone else nearly drown either, thankfully!

KS: Not Waving is, in part inspired by a Stevie Smith Poem. Do you have a favourite poem?

SD: No, I'm a bit of a terrible heathen when it comes to poetry. Song lyrics – yes, but poetry has never grabbed me in the way it does others. Perhaps I'm dead inside!

KS: Hmm, I’ve seen your writing performed on stage and screen- if that's anything to go by I'm pretty sure you are alive and kicking on the inside! Okay just time for some super-quick-fire questions…Ice cream or Cockles?

SD: Ice-cream

KS: Kiss me quick or Sex on the beach?

SD: Kiss me quick.

KS: Sunbathe on the beach or swim in the sea?

SD: Swim.

KS: Waving or Drowning?

SD: Waving.

KS: Ah! 30 secs…what are you most looking forward to about your role in making Not Waving?

SD: Looking forward to working behind the camera and trying to help deliver your vision for the film.

Follow Shelley on Twitter @Shelbedere and visit her website to fins out more about her writing, acting and directing:

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