Interview: 5 minutes with...Möglich, Design, Not Waving.

Today is our first day of filming for Not Waving! So exciting! We are hitting the beach and starting to put together our footage for what we hope is going to be a beautiful film.

To make the film even more beautiful we have engaged new on the scene, exciting, daring design house Möglich. Möglich means 'It's all possible' in German. A positive mantra that we at The Curious Room try to live by! We are so excited to be one of the London based design houses first clients and we can't wait to see what they produce to compliment our film.

We spoke to them on the phone last week for 5 minutes advance of our filming today!

Kate Sawyer: Okay, so please can you tell us a bit about yourself and what you are doing in Not Waving?

Möglich: Möglich, a London based design house, we're producing the print artwork.

KS: Where are you right now?

M: In my mind, on a plane to New York. In reality, on a train travelling through Lewisham.

KS: Not Waving centres around an event that happens in the sea. Are you a swimmer?

M: I cannot swim! My mum tried everything! Then my PE teacher told me my hair was so thick it was probably weighing me down. After that I forged notes from my mum to said teacher, saying I was on my period and so couldn't possibly take part in that day’s class. I could probably frantically splash my limbs around to save my life now.

KS: Gosh, that teacher evidently didn’t have to study physics to teach PE. Well, it’s never too late to learn a new skill, you shouldn’t rule it out! If you can’t swim, have you ever nearly drowned?

M: Metaphorically, once about every 5-7 years. In reality, no.

KS: Ha ha! Just every 5-7 years? I feel like that every 5-7 minutes! When did you last go to the seaside? What did you do there?

M: June. Are burgers. (Veggie). Drank cocktails. Held hands.

KS: Lovely! Do you have a favourite beach in the UK? Why?

M: Blackpool. Hometown.

KS: Do you have a favourite memory involving a UK beach?

M: I grew up by the beach, but perhaps the beach in mousehole on holiday with my best friends and a random Cornish festival.

KS: Not Waving gets its title from a Stevie Smith Poem. Do you have a favourite poem?

M: No, I think they connect too much to the moment you are in to have a favourite, like song lyrics. Anything by Woolf, Elliott, Shakespeare, Plath are good starting points. I used to have to memorise poems instead of doing spelling tests at school. Can't remember any now!

KS: I wish that we’d done that, my spelling is atrocious but I love learning poems. Okay time for a quick fire round…Ice cream or Cockles?

M: Ice cream.

KS: Kiss me quick or Sex on the beach?

M: Sex on the beach.

KS: Waving or Drowning?

M: Waving.

KS: Sunbathe or swim in the sea?

M: Neither- can I have a hot spring in Africa instead?

KS: Ha ha. Oh go on then! What are you most looking forward to about your role in making Not Waving?

M: Adding award laurels in a few months- obviously!

Follow Möglich on Twitter @_moglich and visit their new website very soon…

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