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A wise person once said 'Money can't buy you happiness'. How sage they were. They did not however know that we were going to be making two short films and offering you the opportunity to feature in one of them, gain an IMDB credit and have a warm fuzzy feeling inside because you donated to it. So, let's face it, maybe if they had been fully availed of this opportunity they would have revised their statement.

Be In A Film. £120 donation perks

As we continue to raise money to fund our upcoming short films Not Waving and Lawnmower, we want to focus in on what is in it for you if you donate to our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Today we look at the £120 donation. A considerable amount of money that would make a HUGE difference to our productions but also brings you a whole series of perks that are hopefully worth your hard earned cash!

First and foremost you get the chance to feature in Lawnmower, our comedy short. One of the scenes in Lawnmower is a flash forward to a Christmas party. You would be one of the attendees at the party, drinking mulled wine, eating mince pies, wearing an ugly Christmas jumper and we guarantee your face will appear in our film. This means you'll get to be on set, rub shoulders with the cast, director, DOP and other creatives. The date for this filming is evening 16th August, in London- so be sure to pencil that in your diary if you purchase this perk. As a featured artist you'll get an IMDB credit and your name will be in our credits as cast and all our promotional material.

On top of this there is another, very special perk that is limited to this level of donation, a high-res screen grab of yourself in the film. It might be a while until the film is on general release but you can use this image on social media, websites and the like in advance of seeing yourself on the big screen!

And then there is the list of the other perks you get from other levels:

-Shout out on all our social media & a follow back from each film.

-Special thanks in each films credits & on our website.

-2 x glossy print stills from both films (signed if desired)

-Advance viewing of both films via private online links.

So if you want to be in a film either for the experience, networking, profile opportunity or just for the fun this is a great way to get involved with a talented bunch of filmmakers whilst also unleashing your inner philanthropist!


*Please support our crowdfunding campaign to make two short films by DONATING to our INDIEGOGO campaign and SHARING the link to our campaign on your social media! Thank you!*

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