Interview: 5 minutes with...Raphael Bar, Actor, Not Waving Short Film

For the story telling in Not Waving I needed two strong swimmers, ideally with lifeguard certification to ‘save’ a ‘drowning’ man. Luckily, two such actors were around the table with me when I was discussing the script I had drafted earlier that day that were both. Serendipitous indeed!

I immediately asked them to join us in making the film and lucky me, they said yes! You’ve already heard from Jules Brown who will be playing Henry, so today I’m spending 5 minutes with…Raphael Bar and seeing what he has to say about the seaside, swimming and sex on the beach!

Raphael Bar, Actor, Not Waving Short Film

Kate Sawyer: To start off can you tell us a bit about yourself and what you’ll be doing in Not Waving?

Raphael Bar: I’m Raphael Bar. I’ll be playing Victor a Lifeguard who is saving lives and shit!

KS: Ha ha! Where are you right now?

RB: In my digs in semi-sunny Swansea. I'm in Swansea at the Grand with the Out of Order tour this week.

KS: So, you are playing a life-guard in the film. Are you a good swimmer?

RB: I'm a pretty strong recreational swimmer, I glide though the water like a dolphin! I learnt to swim back in the day at Barnet Copthall Leisure Centre - biggup da crew there! Then I trained to be a lifeguard there many moons later - loved it but didn’t actually ever work as a lifeguard, sadly. I ended up chugging on the streets of the UK in my gap year instead! It paid £8.17 per hour... couldn't turn it down!

KS: But I guess that means you are a pretty strong swimmer and you’ve never had any near misses in water?

RB: I fell into a hotel swimming pool in Majorca on a package holiday with my famalam, I was a toddler so hadn't mastered the art of 'balance' etc. The story is that my dad was just coming to the surface and i fell into his arms…sounds a bit too filmic for my liking but parents never lie so it must be true!

KS: Oh absolutely, all parents only ever tell the truth! So as a strong swimmer do you like the beach?

RB: Love it!

KS: When were you last at the beach?

RB: Some of the Out of Order company went to the beach in Cornwall for a cheeky bit of body boarding. It was ace! Jules Brown smashed the heck out of a massive wave and boarded all the way in. I eventually got out past the crazy washing machine to join Jules but the lifeguard out there sent us back in. Apparently it was too dangerous for us to be out there but as are both absolute nutters, we threw caution to the wind... and went immediately back to shore.

The cast of Out of Order (Raphael, top left) at the beach in Langland Bay, Swansea, South Wales.

KS: Do you have a favourite beach in the UK? Why?

RB: I love the beach at Weymouth in Dorset. We had some lovely family holidays there and I also went back with some friends years later. I remember being little and walking out for what seemed like miles with the water still lapping at my little ankles. It felt like i could walk all the way to France!

KS: Not Waving gets its title from a Stevie Smith Poem. Do you have a favourite poem?

RB: Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll is a favourite - it conjures up such clear imagery for me even though it’s a nonsense poem. It's also reminds me of a drama club my sister and I went to when we were small in a church hall in Finchley. We learnt Jabberwocky as a song and so whenever I think of it, there's an accompanying tune.

KS:Ah you’re one of those people that can recite it! I feel like I was never exposed to Jabberwocky until drama school as a warm up exercise! Right, are you game for a quick-fire round?

RB: Go for it!

KS: Ice cream or Cockles?

RB: Ice cream every day of their week - cookie dough please.

KS: Kiss me quick or Sex on the beach?

RB: Sex on the beach - come on, everybody!!

KS:Waving or Drowning?

RB: Waving, I would hope!

KS: Sunbathe or swim in the sea?

RB: Swim swim swim - but you can burn in that there water kids, so please be sensible!

KS: Don’t worry there will be plenty of sunscreen on set! Finally, what are you most looking forward to about your role in making Not Waving?

RB: Saving James Holmes alongside Jules Brown is a tantalising treat. It's ever so slightly representative of our real life relationship.

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