Fund an Artist for a day

We've set up our crowdfunding campaign for Not Waving & Lawnmower, the two short films we are making so that we can tell you exactly where the money you donate to us will be spent. The 1st £1,100 donated will go to the essential expenses required to make the film (insurance, travel costs, location fees, catering etc.) and last week we hit that point, hurrah!

Fund an Artist for a Day

So now we are in the 2nd phase- we are trying to raise £3,575 to pay all of the artists involved in these two films £65 per day for each day spent on set or in the editing suite/studio.

From this point on until we reach the target of our 2nd phase all donations will be put towards this but should you wish to follow in the footsteps of Paul Getty and John Ruskin and become a direct philanthropist of the Arts you can donate directly to a full artist's fee.

Support the Artists in Not Waving

The artists involved in Not Waving: Kate Sawyer, James Holmes, Raphael bar, Jules Brown, Susie Amy, Anna-Maria Nabirye, Tommy Doyle, Jeff Harmer, Andrew James Deane, Sue Holderness, Ricky J Payne, Shelley Davenport, Mollie Hill, Al Ritchie, Rachel Valentine Smith.

If you donate £65 to our Fund and Artist For a Day pledge you will receive the following perks:

-Shout out, thanks and follow on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram- from all of our accounts.

-Credit on the film credits.

-2 x Glossy Film Still Prints (1 from each film). Signed by the featured artist if desired.

-Exclusive Online Preview of both films- we'll send you a secret password when both the films are complete.

-A personal thank you- a video & a hard copy thank you from the artist you've funded (you can pick if you like!)

Support the Artists Involved in Lawnmoer

The artists involved in Lawnmower; Sian Pohill-Thomas, Chris Hughes, Jessica Preston, Shelley Davenport, Kate Sawyer, Ricky J Payne, Mollie Hill, Tom Whitelaw, Sam Stephens.

However, donate anything from £5 and that will go directly to the artists too...until we hit our target!

Everyone involved in these two films has pledged their involvement not knowing whether they will receive payment- your donation can help us reimburse them for their time and talents- a truly excellent thing to donate to!

*Help us make 2 short-films and support the work of 20+ artists by DONATING to our crowdfunding campaign TODAY!*

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