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Making films is fantastic the craft both on set and in the editing suite is thrilling alchemy. But like a novel that hasn't been read a film without an audience is a very sad thing. A film needs people to see it, to experience it to make it come to life.

Fund a Festival Submission

The stories we have chosen to tell with Not Waving and Lawnmower have universal, human themes such as mental health, loneliness, community and self-destruction, whilst also expressing something about what it is to British in the UK today.

The best way to get the films out into the world is to submit them to festivals. There are hundreds of film festivals in the UK, thousands around the world. 'Festival Season' has become so vast it now pretty much covers the whole year but most festivals start their submission process in September/October for the following year. At this time many of the brilliant mid-scale independent film festivals (IFFs) offer 'Early Bird Prices' which tend to start at around £10-20 our aim is to have the final cut of each film ready to go for each film on October 1st.

On top of this their are the premium Film Festivals, the festivals everyone has heard of, Cannes. These are the festivals that can be life changing. If selected for these festivals, films can become eligible for larger awards such as BAFTA and Academy Awards and also hold incredible potential for networking and career development for all the artists involved. Submission to these premium festivals costs around £30-£50. The extra cost for these festivals is somewhat negated as if selected you are eligible to apply for the British Council Travel Grant on the Shorts Supports Scheme and you automatically become eligible to join that network also.

We are therefore looking to raise £2,800 for festival submissions. This will allow us to submit each film to 30 mid-range festivals each and to 12 premium festivals. The opportunities this opens up are varied and wide-reaching. All members of the company have the potential for recognition of their work, it allows the artists involved and The Curious Room to form relationships for future work and it also holds the possibility for future life for each film in the form of distribution and online streaming purchases.

Just £30 donated by you will allow us to either enter both films into a mid-scale IFF or one of the films into a premium film festival. Plus we'll thank you and follow you on all our social media (new followers-yay!), you'll get 2 glossy stills (one from each film) signed by the featured member of the cast should you wish AND you'll get a first look at the films! When the films are completed, just before we send them off to the festivals your donation allowed us to submit to, we'll send you an exclusive private online link to view the films and see what you invested in, before anyone else does!

Please WATCH our video on our Indiegogo Campaign, DONATE to our campaign and then SHARE on social media. Every donation helps, no matter how small! Thank you!

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