5 minutes with...Elizabeth Elvin, Actress, Not Waving Short Film

Our chosen spot for filming Not Waving is Southend-on-Sea. Easily commutable from London, with some perfect beaches close together, shingle and sand. A famous pier, plenty of places to purchase ‘Kiss Me Quick’ Hats and a plethora of Ice-cream vendors. Just what we need for filming a modern folk-tale set at the British sea-side.

Elizabeth Elvin, Actress, Not Waving Short Film

For one cast member it is particularly convenient. Elizabeth Elvin grew up in the area and now lives back in the environs. It was particularly interesting for me to sit down for 5 minutes with…Lizzie as she has some insight into the area…

Kate Sawyer: Tell us a bit about yourself and what you’ll be doing in the filming of Not Waving…

Elizabeth Elvin: I’m Liz Elvin, actress, doing a beach scene with the Out of Order cast in Kate’s film Not Waving!

KS: Where are you right now?

EE: On the train from Essex to Swansea for this evening’s performance of Our of Order.

KS: We’re filming Not Waving in Essex, so your neck of the woods! If you live so near the sea do you swim in it often?

EE: Well, I learned to swim in Southend at age 7 and I like swimming in a chilled out way in the sea when it's warm!

KS: And having lived near the sea most of your life, have you ever known any people get in trouble at sea?

EE: A boy called Stuart drowned on the beach in Thorpe Bay. He went to my junior school. Apparently he hit his head swimming by the concrete breakwater.

KS: That's tragic. No wonder you remember it, even though you were so young. When did you last go to the seaside?

EE: A couple of weeks ago walking dogs.

KS: Do you have a favourite beach in the UK? Why?

EE: Thorpe Bay, where you are filming!.I spent my childhood on it. When I moved back with 2 children, I bought a run-down beach hut did it up (or rather my husband Julian did!!). We fed the children there most summer evenings, had Christmas Eve there, Guy Fawkes night and loads of parties. It's called The Little Hut. I sold it a few years ago!

KS: Sounds wonderful. Loads of good memories there! Do you have a favourite memory on a British beach?

EE: Yes, but different beach. On Filey in Yorkshire family holiday swimming in the rain.

KS: Not Waving gets its title from a Stevie Smith Poem. Do you have a favourite poem?

EE: How funny I was just thinking about this the other day! My all-time favourite is The Owl and the Pussycat!

KS: I love that poem too, it makes me feel very nostalgic! Okay time for a quick-fire round! Ready!

EE: Yep!

KS: Ice cream or Cockles?

EE: Ice cream with a flake!

KS: Kiss me quick or Sex on the beach?

EE: Sex in the sea!

KS: Ha ha! You’re supposed to choose an option not adapt it!! Sunbathe or swim in the sea?

EE: Sunbathing then cooling off in the sea! Ha ha! Did it again!

KS: Finally, what are you most looking forward to about your role in making Not Waving?

EE: Sitting in a deckchair hopefully!!!

You can see Lizzie playing Nurse Foster on tour with Out of Order next week in Southend and the final week in Nottingham following that. Book tickets here: www.cooneyonstage.co.uk

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